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The Golden Scholar Newsletter and its Online version were established to foster and cultivate excellence in both students and alumni worldwide by providing innovative leadership, education, training, and networking opportunities. Providing the link between Chapter Officers, Alumni, Members and the Golden Key International Honour Society Community.


To enable members to realize their full potential through the advancement of Golden Key International Honour Society's three pillars of academics, leadership and service.


Why Join?
We offer our GK community a platform to publish scholarly worthy articles while inspiring and educating your fellow Purdue University Global members and incorporate published articles into your professional portfolio. The benefits of participating in either The Golden Scholar or the Online Newsletter is that you become an active member and are able to meet one of the requirements to the many scholarships and events that GK and our Chapter offers. You also can add the experience learned here to your resume as well as become a published writer.

If you have any questions or ideas for articles/segments for the chapter newsletter/online newsletter or would like to submit an article please contact:

Rickie Zarb, Editor-in-Chief at

To view our archived chapter newsletters and chapter material for members please log into this site and go to the "Files section".

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