Officers & Advisors

DeeAnna Aronoff-Chambers

Primary Chapter Advisor & Leadership Development Specialist

Hello, Members! My name is DeeAnna Aronoff-Chambers and I am joining you from Sunny South Florida! I am a wife, business woman, and mother. My career is all surrounded by community work, education management, and Student Success through education advising at Kaplan University! I love to help people, it makes me happy to see others happy. My daily goal is to make someone smile and have a better day. I think that most people would characterize me as a hard worker, an influential authentic leader, and a great support system. I work well under pressure because I love the growth opportunities that come from overcoming obstacles (Turning lessons into blessings). I have been told that I am a change agent and that I can adjust to demands seamlessly. Anything I do not know, I am a quick learner and great at absorbing information. A best practice of mine is to be mindful that -building competence builds confidence. I believe it is necessary to recognize accomplishments to build confidence, commitment, and loyalty to a shared vision. My interests are; Education, Law, Leadership, Development, Wellness, Social and Economic issues. I am an active supporter of United Way, The American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, Orphanage in Haiti, and other smaller initiatives. I look forward to working with you all!

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  • Major: Master of Science in Management -Leadership
  • Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

Brad Friedman

Co- Advisor - Communications & Social Media Leadership

My name is Brad Friedman and I am your Chapter Co- Advisor and Communications Leader from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! I am your former chapter Secretary 2015-16. I am a South Florida native who grew up in Boca Raton, FL! In November 2015, I graduated with my MBA from Kaplan University and I attended the University of Central Florida for my Bachelor’s in Marketing. I currently work as a Staffing Manager for Accounting Principals (which is a part of Adecco Group). Prior to that, I worked as an Admissions Advisor for Kaplan University’s Concord Law School and was also an Advisor for Kaplan University undergraduate admissions previously. I look forward to assisting with communication and public relations for our Kaplan University chapter.

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  • Major: Business Administration (MBA)
  • Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Wade Hill

Chapter President 2016-17

Wade is proud to serve as the current President of our Kaplan University Chapter for Golden Key International Honour Society. In addition to his educational pursuits at Kaplan where he is currently enrolled in the Masters in Management Degree (HR) program, Wade is a husband of 25 years, father of four and grandfather to 14. His priorities are focused on Faith, Family and Friends. Previous educational accomplishments include Associates in Applied Science degree from Excelsior College (1980) and a Bachelor in Science (Business Administration) from Kaplan University (2015-Summa Cum Laude-4.0 GPA). A 20 year active duty veteran, Wade retired as a Chief Petty Officer (E7) from the US Navy in 1993 and began a second career in the hospitality industry, opening and co-managing the Olive Garden Restaurant in Bangor, Maine. Subsequent management and leadership positions included General Manager for a small family owned restaurant in Lincoln, Maine and a Maine Franchised restaurant in Old Town, Maine. Wade is certified by the National Restaurant Association as a Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) and has remained ServSafe certified throughout his hospitality and tourism. Wade became a franchisee for Subway Restaurants in 2001 and currently owns and operates three locations in “Downeast” Maine. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling the operations involving the franchises is coupled with a full time position in guest service in a local water view hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine. Wade has served as Board Chairman for the local food pantry, Loaves & Fishes; Board member for the Hancock County Chapter of the American Red Cross in a disaster relief capacity; Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Red Cross CPR and First Aid both Maine and Guam; and currently volunteers with Friend in Action Network, serving senior citizens of Hancock Country, Maine. As members of Golden Key, I invite you to join our executive board in support of our three pillars of excellence in Academics, Leadership and Service. We have the potential to effect positive change in lives and communities as we plan to make the world a better place.

Electa Jackson-Curphey

Treasurer & Finance Chair

Hello, Members! My name is Electa Jackson-Curphey and I am joining you from South Carolina! I am 43 years old, a wife, business woman, mother and a Gigi. My career has surrounded the Church I have attended for the past 21 years, bookkeeping management, and Success through education by helping where ever I may here at Kaplan University and at the Church/Child care center where I am employed! I love to help people, it makes me happy to see the smiles I can bring by helping others. My daily goal is to help make someone have a better day. I think that most people would characterize me as a hard worker, an influential leader, and a great support system with a good sense of humor. I work well under pressure and enjoy opportunities that come from overcoming obstacles. Anything I do not know, I am a quick learner and great at absorbing information. I also have: 1-year accounting studies, 2 years paralegal studies and actively working toward my BA in Early Childhood Administration (April 2019), here at Kaplan and hope to go on to my Master’s degree. I have been an ordained minister since January 2015; with special interest in financial and personal counseling for individuals, primary attention to single women/mothers who are financially starting over after divorce or death of a loved one. One of my desires is providing more educational resources for children in broken families, having and overcoming a learning disability myself; I know we can overcome and we can be successful, in all things. Together we can make the impossible, possible!

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  • Major: BA in Early Childhood Administration
  • Hometown: South Carolina

Amanda Riker

Chapter Vice President 2017-18

Hi I am Amanda, your new Vice President. I live with my parents near the Jersey Shore area of NJ and in the summer I spend my time at the beach and on my family's sailboat when school and work schedule allows it. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends who are important to me when I can. I currently work for many agencies where I am a home ABA Therapist part-time. I also am a fitness coach for Beachbody and a Zumba instructor at a local gym to teach children and adults Zumba. I plan on pursuing a career as a BCBA and then going on for my PhD to obtain a BCBA-D in order to do research in the field. I work for many companies, agencies, and schools helping individuals with different types of disabilities such as autism, mental difficulties, ADHD, and others. The reason I chose to pursue a career in ABA is because of my experience working at a school called Bayshore Jointure Commission. This school is where I gained most of my ABA experience. This school was under the umbrella of the public school and used both ABA and VB strategies to teach the children. We had training by a BCBA and went up to NY state for a day to learn at the Carbone Clinic that uses these strategies and is Skinner based. I really enjoyed it and caused me to be interested in ABA. This caused me to learn more about a career in ABA and why I am completing my current master's degree from Kaplan University. I have enjoyed my experience so far and I am in my third ABA elective class that I really enjoy. I am also happy to say I have been able to maintain a GPA of a 4.0 here at Kaplan even with having a hard time with having close friends passing away and a learning disability. I really think if you get the right help to support you and are determined anything is possible. I am happy to be part of the Golden Key international honor society and part of the board as a Vice President. It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to seeing what this experience brings!

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  • Major: MS in Psychology-Applied Behavior Analysis Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Hometown: Point Pleasant, N

Steven Harris

Executive Secretary

Hello members, my name is Steven Harris. I am 39 years old. My wife and I have 3 daughters (5,4, & 1.5 yrs. Old). I am currently a graduate student at KU studying applied behavior analysis. Right out of high school (1995) I began working in the construction industry and a short time after enlisted in the FL army national guard. I continued both of these careers until my unit was deployed to the middle east in 2003. After returning home in early 2004 I returned to work in the construction industry. In late 2004 I created my own construction company (Harris Custom Framing), and early 2005 I ended my term of service with the military. I continued to operate the company until 2006 when I seized upon overseas opportunities. I returned back home in 2007 and married my wife. From there I continued in the construction industry but did not have an interest in beginning a company again. I began pursuing a higher education in 2012 (I think), which is the same year we had our first child. I earned a BS degree from KU in business in 2013, and after a short break began studying psychology eventually focusing on applied behavior analysis.

Brian Schuler

Web Master - Social Director

My name is Brian Schuler, I am from Fairview Heights, IL just outside St. Louis. I served in the Air Force for 8 years before getting out and deciding to go back to school. Check out our Facebook page where you will see updates about the chapter and post that may help you out.

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  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Cyber-Security
  • Hometown: St. Charles, Mo

Beatriz Alfaro

GIN System Communication Chair-Chapter Standards Consultant

Greetings Chapter Members, my name is Beatriz Alfaro and I am happy to return as your GIN Chair & New Officer Development Consultant! I have been an active member since 2010. I served as your Service Director 2016-2017, Web Master 2015-16, Editor in Chief 2014-2015 and Assistant Editor 2012-2013. Through my many years of experience with our chapter I have gained the leadership role as your Chapter Standards Consultant. I live in sunny Southern California with my daughter and fiancée, (date set for Dec. 2018, so excited!). Currently I am a caregiver for my fiancée through the Veteran Association (VA) Hospital in Loma Linda. My fiancée is a retired Marine who served in 3 tours in Iraq. I am honored and blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life that sacrificed so much for our country. It is though that kind of sacrifice I witnessed working with many of our Veterans and the passion my grandmother instilled in me at a young age for helping others--It has become a big part of who I am. I find humbling gratification in giving back to our military Veterans, to children, and the elderly. Most of my professional life I have worked caring for Veterans and the elderly, but it was while working for the VA, my passion for Veteran’s rights and activism grew, thus, my love for law and volunteering came to fruition. I became a member of my local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and in 2008 I traveled to Texas to assist in Hurricane Ike humanitarian efforts with the Veteran’s Association. I actively volunteer at local elementary schools with planning committees; after school projects through Golden Key’s Spark the change such as children educational/computer training; and mentoring programs such as California Youth Spirit Corps (CYSC) Cheer. I actively volunteer with my local community through Holy Name of Mary Church feeding the homeless, and with the Greater LA County Girl Scouts in mentoring and assistance in community service projects. I am currently working with Scentsy to help our chapter fundraise for Golden Key KIDDOS camp to send 'at risk youth' to camp and gain valuable academic and life experiences. I am currently an Alumni of Kaplan, but plan to return in the near future to complete my Master's in Legal Studies. My dream is to continue my education and achieve an EJD so that I can in turn use my knowledge to help support our Veterans and their families.

Rickie Zarb

Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Scholar Newsletter

Hello fellow members, my name is Rickie Zarb and I am your new Editor-in-Chief for The Golden Scholar Newsletter. I presently work part time as a Medical Technologist. I am an alumnus of Kaplan University graduating with a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Networking. I also have a Bachelors degree from Michigan State University. I volunteer at Echo Farms, a Christian based global farm, in the seed bank. I also volunteer to do the video taping of the church service for the shut ins. I am retired but have some part time jobs of walking a dog, handing out samples for HoneyBaked Ham, and caring for a 92 yr old. I selected the role as Editor in chief as I enjoy researching information for articles of interest. I utilize my computer talents and also give back to my honor society.

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  • Major: Masters Information Technology, Computer Science Networking
  • Hometown: Naples, Florida

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